For many business owners, SEO strategy is complex and confusing.

What does “SEO strategy” even mean? How do I get more traffic to my site? What keywords do I use?

These are great questions. And unfortunately, having great SEO takes more than just using the right keywords.

Getting more traffic to your website takes a multifaceted approach that covers everything from how your website is built to keywords, authority, content marketing and more.

We’ll Start with a Complete SEO & Content Audit…

A solid SEO strategy works best when based on your specific business goals, target audience, and competitive landscape. The SEO & content audit will help us learn more about your business and customize a plan.

The audit checks your website’s infrastructure, speed and current search performance. We’ll look at key metrics like overall traffic, best-performing pages, bounce rates, time-on-site, micro-conversions, and other techy stuff.  

Useful, exciting content is another pillar of a solid SEO plan. Content lets you share your brand’s story, showcase your personality, and build trust with your audience. And it helps you make more sales through specialized content like product descriptions, video demonstrations, and testimonials.

Oh, and by the way – fresh, relevant content about your business is great for boosting your Google results.

Create an All-encompassing Plan…

Your customized SEO & digital marketing plan is designed according to your business goals to bring the best possible ROI. See how great website design, SEO, rich media and content marketing work together to offer a multifaceted, comprehensive approach to growing your business online.

Focus on Conversions…

The whole point of having great SEO is to beat your competitors, get more from your marketing dollar, and attract more customers – right?

Our job is to deliver positive ROI for your brand in the form of leads, conversions, sales, and other key business goals.

And Optimize for Best Results

Think of your SEO strategy as a living, breathing thing. It grows and changes over time. It needs love and affection…

Not really! But it does take some attention to figure out what’s working best over time and what’s not working.

We’re with you every step of the way to analyze, tweak, and optimize. To make sure your strategy is providing the best possible results.

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