We are proven leaders in digital marketing and SEO.

And we’re pretty awesome to work with, too. We’re all about using data and iteration to strive for constant improvement. We also believe if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work! By putting together a team of ambitious, passionate folks who are experts in their fields, we’ve found that the result is something pretty amazing. Work with us and find out.


Our Philosophy

Carolina SEO exists to deliver cutting-edge SEO and digital marketing solutions to give you the best return on your investment. We work to meet or exceed your expectations every time.


You'll be glad you chose to work with us!


Our Team

A versatile web developer with proven success in leading all phases of technology including full-stack website development, database engineering, agile process/methodology, digital marketing, and search-engine optimization (SEO). Known for creating and spearheading innovative and user-friendly software solutions.

Joshua Wylie

Rebecca Rosenberg


Rebecca Rosenberg is a freelance copywriter, digital media strategist, and perpetual adventurer. After working in marketing for some of Austin's favorite brands, Rebecca started her own business and left Texas behind to travel the world. With bylines all across the internet, her mission is to help brands reach more people and communicate value.


A design and illustration fanatic, Tara can be found on the internet researching new design, art, and marketing trends. If not on the internet, Tara is taking notes on customer behavior, in-store packaging design, and environmental design.

Other interests include running in charity 5ks, going to reptile shows, watching strange indie movies, and reading biographies and other works of nonfiction.

Tara Phillips

Aaron Longstreph

Aaron Longstreth VIDEOGRAPHER

Aaron Longstreth is a Rock Hill based videographer, producer and new media nerd. After working in independent film, television series and larger scale film productions he launched his own new media company New World Media LLC in 2011. Following his passion of personable, visual story telling he’s traveled across the country producing marketing videos, short films, feature films and being the driving force behind countless video production campaigns.

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