It’s never a bad time to reassess your digital marketing strategies – to check whether your approach is still on-brand, up-to-date, and most importantly effective. Social media, SEO, and digital marketing strategies are always evolving. So marketers and businesses need to keep on their toes as well.

We talked to 5 digital marketing experts about the state of marketing in 2019, and we’re seeing a trend – more and more often, the conversation is about creating content with a purpose. Connecting with customers in a meaningful way. Being useful, not salesy. And of course, getting results.

In this expert roundup, we talked to 5 marketers from the Charlotte, NC area and beyond about the state of marketing in 2019. Specifically, we asked them to comment on the biggest mistakes businesses make in digital marketing, and tips for correcting them.

International digital marketing experts talk strategy faux pas (and fixes)

Here’s what our experts had to say:

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Svet Dimitrov crafts persuasive copy at Copywriting Titan. When he’s not writing, Svet loves working out and learning new languages.

Svet Dimitrov

There’s one crucial mistake the majority of businesses make in their digital marketing campaigns – they talk to everybody. Talking to everybody means only one thing – they don’t know who their ideal client is. Without having figured out their ideal audience, they’re basically shouting at a wall. Here’s what to do:

1. Think about what your product/service is for a while and write its benefits.

2. Then, consider whom it fits the best. Here, you should take into account your ideal client’s sex, age, habits, interests, and the social media they love hanging out on.

3. Craft content that’s not only aligned with your values (that’s important) but also aligned with their values (that’s even more important).

4. Don’t try to sound like all the rest. Find your brand voice and stick with it.

5. Being on as many social media as possible is a waste of time unless you have a big team behind you. If that’s not the case, choose a couple and be consistent there.


I’m John Rouda, Host and Tech Leader at A Geek Leader Podcasts,

John Rouda

The biggest mistake that I see businesses make when it comes to digital marketing is thinking that their website or the SEO work, or their social media work is “done.”  I’ve heard many business owners say that their “website is done” and every time I think that they must not know much about the web.

A website is never done.  For your audience and potential customers to grow, your website should be updated, with content added and tweaked on a regular basis.

I also believe that businesses need to focus on creating new and better content to grow their online market. You can do this in many ways.  If you’re not a good writer, then try YouTube or create a podcast.

I’ve grown an audience that delivers more than 15,000 podcast downloads per month by consistently producing content. Realize that it will never be perfect but keep putting it out there and make it better next time.  Always be consistent and always be better.


Brian White is the Director of New Media at MediaZeus, they help businesses get more clients through social media, SEO and video marketing.

Brian White

The biggest mistake we see businesses make on Facebook, in particular, is the lack of value being provided in their posts, ads, and videos. Most businesses fall victim to a commonly overused tactic where we blast out all the great things about our company, product or service. The problem with that approach is it doesn’t work very well, as it’s only promoting the features and benefits of your company.

I recommend a different, more direct approach. Instead of always using your posts to promote yourself, shift your focus to always deliver value first.  What does value look like? It’s typically packaged as a top tips blog article, a free guide download, a webinar opt-in or a how-to video.

By delivering value upfront, you are establishing a relationship as someone they know, like and trust which allows you to properly nurture that lead into a paying customer. I challenge you to test this method in your next round of social media posts to see how you can start getting more engagement and more leads from your Facebook activity.


Jason Broadwater is founder and president of RevenFlo, a creative marketing company.

Jason Broadwater

The biggest mistake that I see people make is that they focus on the channel and not the content. In other words, they want to do Facebook or email marketing or YouTube, or be on the first page of Google – but they haven’t thought about what they want to say, to whom, and why.

Think about it, if you could hand an index card to anyone in a giant room, who would you pick and what would you write on the card? That’s the important question. Whether it’s a card or a piece of paper or a jump drive with files on it is a secondary question. Focusing on the channel instead of the content is like focusing on how you want to talk more, instead of on what you want to say.

My advice is to invest in creating content that is meaningful and compelling to your prospective audience. It could be high-quality production content or low-quality social content. As long as it’s meaningful and compelling to your audience, you’re good. When you really have something worth sharing, then you can worry about how you are going to share it.


Joshua Wylie – Carolina SEO | Founder

Josh Wylie

The biggest mistake I think businesses make when it comes to digital marking is that they often look at their digital marketing strategy needs as an expense instead of an investment.

For example, I’ve come across numerous business owners interested in running paid ads or wanting a website. But they’re worried that “it’s too expensive”. There seems to be a stigma that digital marketing is an expense or a luxury – something nice to have.  It’s actually a necessity.

My philosophy is that if your digital marketing strategy is not producing a ROI, then you’re not doing it right.

Every piece of digital marking is an investment. Your website is a tool for attracting leads, and leads convert into clients. Your content marketing strategy is a tool for converting leads at a higher rate – more leads should equal more clients.

High-quality media helps build trust and authority, which again leads to more conversions.  I could go on with examples all day, but it all boils down to putting a dollar in and getting two back.

A quick google search of any industry keyword will reveal ads from companies doing exactly this. They know that if they spend $1,000/month in ads, they will earn much more than that in revenue from new clients.

I think it’s wise for businesses to stop looking to their digital marking efforts as an “expense”. My quick pro tip is to make the investment. Attract the leads, and they will convert.