From cat food to condos, online search is now a normal part of the shopping experience.


AdWeek says 81% of shoppers seek information online before making a purchase. In reality, that number may be even higher. In fact, when’s the last time you didn’t use the internet to research a product before buying? I rest my case.


As a result, every smart business wants to rank higher in search engines. If your business wants to rank among the top search results, you need to have awesome SEO.


To get awesome SEO, you need search engine optimization services from the best SEO company in Charlotte: Carolina SEO Consultants.

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Open for Business in Greater Charlotte

In Charlotte, business is good. And it’s getting even better. The city’s been on an upward trend for about a decade, and things won’t be slowing down anytime soon.



These wins are owed in part to a pro-business environment, growing workforce, and high ratio of skilled workers (more on that in a minute). Not to mention the awesome surroundings.

Why Charlotte?

Not only a great place to live, The Queen City also nurtures ideal conditions for doing business. And that’s exactly why great companies keep flocking here.


According to the Charlotte Chamber:



Long story short – the culture of business growth in Charlotte is extremely good. But that also makes competition extremely high.


If your business wants to reach potential new customers, you need a strategy. If you don’t have one, another business might get there first.


We’re proud to work with some of Charlotte’s best and fastest-growing businesses. With every client, our goal is to provide awesome results. We create ROI through great content, innovative marketing, and SEO strategies that work.

Data-Driven SEO for Charlotte, NC Businesses

Search engine optimization is part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. We know it can be confusing and tough to keep up with. The world of SEO changes quickly!


Don’t worry, we’ll handle all the boring details. But here’s a quick rundown of how Google and other search engines treat your website:


SEO Crash Course: It’s All About the User


Google’s customer is the average web user, aka someone searching for information on the web. Just like your business, Google (and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing) are after happy customers.


When it comes to search, happy customers are those who get the most relevant, useful, and trustworthy information available. Oh, and they want it fast.


So, search engines try to display the best sites first. That is, the most authoritative, educational and helpful sites they can possibly find.


Because that is what their customers want.


If customers get “the best” results, they come back to search again and again (and they might click on a link that makes Google some money).


Easy peasy, right?


What does this mean for your business?


If you’re thinking “My content is great! My content is useful! Why am I not on page 1 of Google!?” then you’re not alone.


It comes down to showing Google and other search engines that your site is everything they want: relevant, timely and full of value. Establishing relevance is what gets you ranked. Therefore, it’s the primary goal of smart SEO.


Establishing relevance is what gets you ranked.


So, how do you show that you’re relevant? So glad you asked!

Getting ROI with SEO – Stepping Out in Front of Your Competitors

Smart businesses want to cut through the noise of 85,467,890 blogs. They want a search engine optimization strategy that gets results. We get that!


“Getting ROI from your SEO strategy” means:



Our goal at Carolina SEO Consultants is to get great results for your site. We’ll show Google you’ve got what it takes to be the best: Relevant. Timely. Full of value.


More than Just Keyword Research


Keyword research is important. But it’s just one part of our comprehensive approach to SEO. We’ll start with an SEO audit to see where you stand now, and where we can take you.

We’ll look into questions you may not have thought to ask, like:



Our strategy is highly iterative. SEO is a long game and we learn from the data, every step of the way.  


At Carolina SEO Consultants, every plan is customized. Your needs, your business goals, your plan.  


Are you ready to get higher search rankings and increase your revenue? Let’s talk.