Has your digital presence changed since COVID-19? Has your need for a high-performing website not been more important than ever?

In a couple of months’ time, everyone’s life has changed drastically. You’ve heard this before.

Think about everything that’s now virtual in 2020…..

School? Virtual

Sports? Virtual.

Initial consultations? Virtual.

Office meetings? Virtual.

Church? Virtual.

This leads me to the question…is your business virtual?

Think about it. What have you done to adapt lately? Is your website picking up more leads than before the pandemic started?

If not, it should be!

Have you noticed the huge spike in service requests lately? People are searching for services at an alarming rate. And where are they turning? I’ll give you a hint. You’re on it right now…

The internet.

I don’t want to stop right there and leave you hanging in the dust (although that would be a pretty sweet mic drop) ! However, that’s not our style.

So, I’m going to give you 3 tips for things you can do to boost your online presence and gain leads now. Like literally…right now. So be sure to execute as you’re reading along.

#1 Create a Google My Business Profile

Set up a Google My Business profile. Like yesterday! It takes about 2 minutes to set up and a couple of days to verify.

Already have a Google My Business page? Wonderful! Drive as many reviews as you possibly can to this platform. Call everyone you’ve ever done business with and tell them to leave you a Google review.

Reviews influence purchases. When’s the last time you bought something online without reading a review first? I thought so.

So, get as many reviews as you possibly can!

Warning – never buy reviews. Make sure your reviews are legitimate and from customers you’ve done business with in the past.

If Google finds out a review is not authentic, then it’s off to Davy Jones’s locker for you! Okay so maybe not for you…but your business on Google for sure… hypothetically speaking, of course.

#2 Get On Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics to your website. It literally takes about 3 minutes to set up and will tell you every single action someone takes on your website.

It’s almost creepy – you can find out which pages are being viewed the most, which pages are not getting any views whatsoever, which pages are causing people to leave your site, etc.

Google Analytics will tell you everything you need to know about how someone behaves on your website. Set this up immediately and track it daily! But don’t just track it. Make changes – adjust!

#3 Set Up Google Search Console

Setup Google Search Console on your website. Should take about 3 minutes.

Google Search Console will tell you exactly what people are typing/searching to get to your website.

It will also tell you what position you’re in on Google for these search terms. Pretty cool huh? Just imagine the endless possibilities of knowing exactly what people typed to get to your website.

#4 Set up Google Ads

I know the title of this article is 3 Quick Tips to Help You Increase Leads During COVID-19, but in truth, I have 4 tips. Frankly, 3 just sounded better…

So here you go…tip #4. Setup Google Ads. Right now! Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is like leads central.

If you don’t believe me, pull up Google right now and search for any service you offer.

See the little “ad” symbols next to the top search results? That means that people are paying for those ads (and probably getting the lead for that service).

Google Ads are more valuable than ever before – especially during COVID-19. You can create a landing page and start driving traffic immediately! If you ignore the first 3 tips, don’t ignore this one.

Use the 3 *cough cough* four *cough cough* tips above and I promise it will help you leap forward in your business’ digital endeavors.

Remember – your website is never an expense! If it feels more like an expense than a source of revenue…you’re not doing it right.

Just ping me if ya need a hand or you want to talk any of this over. And happy leads!