Once upon a time…

Those are four very powerful words.

Our ears perk up the moment you begin to tell a story – it’s just part of being human.

Studies show that most consumers also want stories from the brands they shop with. Think about it – the most popular Super Bowl commercials are always the ones that feel less like a sales pitch and more like a funny skit, aka story.

What is Story Brand?

Do you struggle to talk about your business? Is explaining what you do complicated? StoryBrand uses storytelling to help brands create a clear and simple message that buyers will connect with.

“A clear message wins the day.”

The idea behind StoryBrand is, clarify your message and win customers. A simple, repeatable story across all aspects of your brand has the power to unite your employees and engage your audience. It creates buzz and drives sales.

And it works for all kinds of businesses.

How to Tell a Better Brand Story

Whether you realize it or not, every good story follows a formula. The StoryBrand formula is a 7-step journey that puts the customer at the center.

This step-by-step marketing process has helped brands quadruple their sales. Are you ready for the secret formula?

Here it is:

1. A character

2. Has a problem,

3. And meets a guide

4. Who gives them a plan

5. And calls them to action

6. That helps them avoid failure

7. And ends in success.

Boom! By the way, this is the same structure that’s behind epic stories like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and many more.

Now that we’ve given you the winning secret to a better brand message, there is one more key piece to this puzzle:

The customer is the main character, not your brand. In the past, brands always painted themselves as the hero. Big mistake! The reality is, customers want to be the hero. They don’t care about your story – they care about their own. In other words, they’re the main character – the one who fights for success and ultimately wins the day. Your brand or product is the guide who helps them get there.

Does this sound awesome?

Get in touch to learn more about the easy 7-step Brand Script exercise to get in tune with your customers’ needs, wants, and pain points – the first step to a better brand story.  

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