A call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. The CTA is your chance to get the user to interact with your business in a specific way. Are you using CTAs to turn website visitors into leads and get more conversions? You should be. 

How to Use CTAs to Get More Conversions

CTAs online are usually a button, link, or image with text prompting the user to take a specific action: provide their email, sign up for a demo, learn more, etc. Well-placed, strategically written CTAs have the power to boost conversions across all your marketing campaigns. Use CTAs: 

On Your Website – To convert visitors to leads. Ask visitors to fill out a form, take a quiz, download a free resource, or sign up for a free trial. Once the user provides their email, they’ve become a lead that you can begin to nurture.

At the End of Blogposts – To recommend next steps, related content, or related offers. At the end of your blog posts, link to your contact page, landing pages, or free resources that the user might need based on the topics you know they are interested in. You can also lead them from awareness to consideration to decision-making by using CTAs.

In Email Marketing – Emails tend to be shorter and focused on one main message. So, basically, your entire email serves as a kind of call to action, with the body copy leading up to the final CTA button at the end. Ask yourself: what is the ONE thing I want the reader to do after scanning this email? Emails are a great place to promote a sale, new product, or other specific offers. 

Using different CTAs throughout your marketing lets you promote different services and products at all stages of the customer journey.

Best Practices for Writing a Great CTA that Converts 

You already know CTAs increase conversions. They literally tell the reader what you want them to do next. That’s pretty powerful…if you can do it right. Of course, marketers have studied what makes an effective CTA. Here’s what they’ve found: 

One last tip…try not to confuse the reader by providing too many choices. Give them one thing to do, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or reading another blog post. 

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