As SEO consultants, our #1 goal is to attract more clients to your business. We love working with brands across the country and the globe (thanks, internet!)

But as a Charlotte-based SEO consultancy, we have a soft spot for companies based right here at home that want to gain more leads and traffic through SEO and paid search

Here are 4 reasons we love doing business in Charlotte. 

Wide Variety of Industries 

SEO can work for any kind of business in any field. The variety of growing industries in Charlotte means exciting possibilities to help companies grow through keyword optimization, PPC, and more.

Take a look:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! (Source: Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina)

Business-Friendly Infrastructure

In 2019, Charlotte ranked as the 6th best big city in the U.S. for starting a business. We’re not surprised…the area actively works to attract high-volume companies.

There are also a ton of business resources available to help startups survive and help growing companies thrive.

Tax breaks and incentives for companies mean a low cost of doing business. A skilled workforce means great people to help you grow.

So it’s no wonder more Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies are setting up shop in Charlotte. 

Cultural Diversity 

We love doing business with and meeting all different kinds of people…it keeps things interesting!

America’s big cities are trending towards more racial and ethnic diversity, and Charlotte is no different.

From 2010 to 2018, the city became 3.5% more diverse (source: Charlotte Observer).

And the Charlotte Region’s Diversity and Talent Development Fund hopes to continue that trend by attracting professionals from around the world. 

Quality of Life

Let’s just be honest…Charlotte is an awesome place to live. Natural beauty? Check.

Cool people? Check.

Thriving entertainment scene? Check.

And don’t forget the food!

When the workday is over, we have no problem finding something fun to do. 

Charlotte has something for everyone, no matter what floats your boat. If you love sports, take your pick: Hornets or Panthers.

Don’t forget, the NASCAR Hall of Fame is here too!

And with over 25 colleges and universities in the Charlotte region, we’re attracting bright young people who contribute to a vibrant and fun community. 

In short, thank you Charlotte for being an awesome place to live and work. If you’re in need of SEO consulting services in the Charlotte area, we’d love to talk!  

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